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The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is a specialist research, development and education organisation of the University of Greenwich, UK, with a focus on food, agriculture, environment, and sustainable livelihoods.

NRI Professor awarded prestigious Doctor of Science Degree

Professor Robert Cheke has been awarded a prestigious Doctor of Science degree by the University of Greenwich, in recognition of his research on birds, insects, crops and diseases that spans a period of fifty years. The award was made at a Ceremony at...

Innovative funding grants set to boost Kent & Medway area now open

Growing Kent & Medway have now opened applications for research and development grants worth up to £250,000 to support innovation for horticultural food and drink-based businesses operating in the Kent and Medway area.

NRI researcher awarded prestigious Future Leaders Fellowship from UKRI

Dr Uche Okpara, Fellow in Climate Change and State Fragility at NRI, has been awarded a prestigious ‘Future Leaders Fellowship’ for a programme of work on prosperity and peace in countries facing interrelated risks of conflict and climate change.

NRI judges children’s environmental film

NRI’s Dr Conor Walsh says he’s “delighted and excited” to have been asked to be a judge for a children’s environmental short film competition. The films, which are between 30 and 60 seconds long, will demonstrate what practical steps young people...

COVID-19: assessing and quantifying transmissibility of the Delta variant

The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is more transmissible than other variants such as the Alpha form, but to what extent is this the case? Will it displace other variants, and how will it respond to different vaccine efficacies? Working with...

World Mosquito Day 2021: NRI student to present mosquito research at national 3MT

What is it that drives mosquitoes to land on humans? This question is at the heart of NRI PhD student, Manuela Carnaghi’s, doctoral research to better understand which properties are attractive to mosquitoes – with the aim of using these properties to create...

Last Chance for Paris and the world

Last week the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - published the ‘Working Group I’ contribution to the 6th Assessment Report (AR6), focusing on physical changes to the Earth’s system - past, present and future - associated with a...

A shot of a caffeine combination before leaving home helps bees pollinate better

A new study reveals that giving bumblebees a blend of caffeine, sugar and flower aromas whilst still in their nest, before they go foraging, can help them target specific flowers and pollinate them more effectively.

Superstition and Sustainability

If a black cat crosses your path, does that make you feel lucky or unlucky? If a bird flew inside your house, would you take that as a sign of good things to come or a bad omen? Most societies have perpetuated superstitions around certain animals....
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